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school and education

Vision University of Buana Perjuangan Karawang ”UBP Karawang has a national reputation and nationality Insightful”.

Vision and Mission



Become a competitive university and international perspective


  1. To produce graduates who master science and technology, work skills,having identity , national personality and values of struggle.
  2. To Produce experts in the field of research and create new innovation.
  3. To be able to implement community service actively to improve people's welfare.


  1. the development of the potential of the Student to become a human being who believes and pious to God Almighty and has noble character, healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent, skilled, competent, and cultured for the benefit of the nation;
  2. To produce graduates who master the branch of Science and / or Technology to meet the national interest and increase the competitiveness of the nation;
  3. The production of Science and Technology through Research which takes into account and implements the value of Humanities to benefit the nation's progress, as well as the progress of civilization and the welfare of mankind; and
  4. the realization of Community-based Devotion of Services and Research work that is useful in promoting the general welfare and the intellectual life of the nation.