1st Place in Volleyball Competition, 2017 UBP Cup (Industrial Engineering)1st Place in Volleyball Competition, 2017 UBP Cup (Industrial Engineering)

Announcement for the academic community in each work unit of UBP Karawang

In an effort to prevent and be aware of COVID-19, we convey to the Lecturers and Educators:
1. For fathers and mothers who carry out activities on campus to use Mask + Faceshield in each Work Unit
2. Wash your hands with soap or use the hand sanitizer provided in each Work Unit
3. Using eating, drinking and personal writing utensils
4. Diligently clean the desks and chairs where you work using the disinfectant (alcohol) that has been provided in each Work Unit
5. Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters
6. If you are not healthy, please stay at home to rest.
7. If it is not too important to go to campus then the work can be done at home.
8. Take care of yourself and your family’s health
9. Keep praying and praying to Allah that this plague will disappear quickly.

Thus, please cooperate for the sake of mutual health.


Dr. H. Dedi Mulyadi, SE., MM.
Rector of UBP Karawang

Source (Circular): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eYjzHz07jidI4bd_cZ9XubYOH8iWtM0o?usp=sharingv

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