Donuts, Bring Student of UBP Karawang to KBMI Champion Donuts, Bring Student of UBP Karawang to KBMI Champion

Donuts, Bring Student of UBP Karawang  to KBMI Champion

Kamal Lullael, a student at University of Buana Perjuangan University (UBP) Karawang, was crowned as a champion in the Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI) that organized by the Directorate of Learning, Student Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Kamal managed to amaze the judges with his innovation in making doughnuts. He named his doughnuts as Special Healthy Donuts (Dosage) because they are made with wheat flour based on natural dyes and sweeteners taken from red dragon fruit (hylocereus polyhizus).

Dragon Fruit is being choosen as a natural dye and sweetener because dragon fruit has various benefits such as preventing bowel cancer, containing low cholesterol levels in the blood and at the same time can decrease fat levels in the body. Dragon fruit also contains iron to increase blood as well as other benefits. “It turns out that my doughnuts won this competition and I am grateful to all those who supported me all this time,” he said.

Kamal said in making this innovation doughnut, he always got guidance from the supervisor, Farhamzah, at University of Buana Perjuangan Karawang, who always gave his full supports. Therefore, he continued to innovate in making doughnuts until finally managed to win the competition. “I say thank UB’s students who continue to provide support,” he said, Sunday (15/11/20).

Meanwhile, Farhamzah who is as supervisor said, Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) at University of Buana Perjuangan Karawang always encourages its students to work and become pharmapreneurs in the future. Considering the division of pharmacy study program UBP Karawang wants to graduate a nationally competitive pharmacy degree in the field of technology provide natural materials and pharmapreneurship.

“We always support student activities such as KBMI and now Dosis can open a shop independently in Kerajan village, Telukambulu Village, Batujaya District,” he concluded.

According to Anggun Hari Kusumawati, S. Farm, M. Si, Apt. Coord of Pharmacy Study Program “Alhamdulillah, We are very grateful that our students got some achievements in the national competition yesterday, step by step that fulfil the vision and mission in the Pharmacy study program, as well as leading them to become pharmapreneurs. Then alhamdulilah also, Some businesses or superior products Pharmacy Study Program under UBePe creative independent has been launched yesterday. (11/16/2020)”.

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