The Chancellor of the University of Buana Perjuangan Karawang, Prof. Dr. H. Dedi Mulyadi, SE., MM. inaugurated the Leaders of the University and Faculty of UBP Karawang, Wednesday (6/8/2022).

at the inauguration of the leadership consisting of 4 Vice Chancellors, 3 Heads of Institutions, 7 Deans and 12 Study Program Coordinators. The names of the appointed leaders are as follows:

Dr. H. Sihabudin, SE., MM. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Educational Development
Dr. H. Budi Rismayadi, SE., MM. Vice Chancellor for General Administration, Finance and Personnel
Dr. Uus MD Fadli, Ir., SE., MM Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni
Dr. H. Puji Isyanto, SE., MM. Vice Chancellor for Cooperation, Innovation and Scientific Publications

Dr. Hanny Hikmayanti, S.Kom., M.Kom Head of the Quality Assurance Institute
Afif Hakim, ST., MT. Head of Research and Community Service Institute
H. Maman Mulya Karnama, Drs., MM. Head of Legal, Order and Security Institute


Dr. Citra Savitri, SE., MM. Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business
H. Tarpan Suparman, S.Pd., M.Pd. Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
Cempaka Putrie Dimala, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psychologist. Dean of the Faculty of Psychology
in accordance. Neni Sri Gunarti, S.Farm., M.Sc. Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Deny Guntara, SH., MH. Dean of the Faculty of Law
Dr. Ahmad Fauzi, S. Kom., M. Kom. Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science
Ade Suhara, Ir., ST., MM. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

H.Haerudin, Lc., MA. PAI Study Program Coordinator
Linda Mora, M.Psi., Psychologist Coordinator of Psychology Study Program
in accordance. Anggun Hari Kusumawati, M.Si Coordinator of Pharmacy Study Program
M. Gary Gagarin, SH., MH. Law Study Program Coordinator
Jamaludin Indra, M.Kom Coordinator of the Informatics Engineering Study Program
Tukino, S.Kom., M.MSi Coordinator of the Information Systems Study Program

H. Suroso, SE., MM. Management Study Program Coordinator
Yanti, SE., M.A Coordinator of the Accounting Study Program
Ayu Fitri, S.Pd., M.Pd. PGSD Study Program Coordinator
Yogi Nugraha, S.Pd., M.Pd. PPKn Study Program Coordinator
Muhammad Sayuti, Ir., ST., MT. Industrial Engineering Study Program Coordinator
Sukarman, ST., MT. Mechanical Engineering Study Program Coordinator

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