Lecturer at Buana Perjuangan University Karawang Distributes Masks to Residents

Lecturer at Buana Perjuangan University Karawang Distributes Masks to Residents

Tuesday, April 07, 2020, the Chancellor and lecturers of the University of Buana Perjuangan Karawang have handed over a package of masks and hand sanitizers to residents on campus. This activity was held in order to protect the surrounding community from the Corona pandemic.

According to the Chancellor of the University of Buana Perjuangan Karawang, Dr. H Dedi Mulyadi, SE., MM “We urge every lecturer to participate in increasing public awareness of using masks. Because the government and WHO have recommended the use of masks every time they leave the house. Everyone must help”.

Furthermore, he added, “UBP gives a mission to every lecturer to distribute masks and hand sanitizers for free to the people in their place of residence. Even though they have been working from home for months, lecturers must actively help the community. The existence of lecturers must be felt by the community. Don’t be absent. Everyone must help the citizens and the government to prevent Corona.”

To smooth the plan, UBP has prepared thousands of masks and continues to produce hand sanitizer. Until now, the Faculty of Pharmacy UBP has made 4,000 bottles of hand sanitizer.

Furthermore, the Chancellor also added, “Regarding the funding, it comes from donations collected from UBP lecturers and employees. Donated funds reached tens of millions of rupiah, which were then used to buy raw materials and produce masks and hand sanitizers. “We accept donations from lecturers and staff,”.

The production of masks and hand sanitizers cannot be separated from the scarcity of masks on the market. Head of the Industry and Trade Office of Karawang Ahmad Suroto said that the availability of masks in Karawang was running low. As a result, people have difficulty getting masks at affordable prices.

“Masks and hand sanitizers are items that people are looking for at this time. But based on data collection, the stock continues to run low,” Suroto said by telephone.

Nurahyati (34), for example, the housewife has had a hard time finding masks lately. For the past few days, the head of RT 16 RW 4, Puseurjaya Village, East Telukjambe Sub-district, has been looking for masks, but they are expensive.

“The mask assistance from UBP lecturers has slightly eased the burden on people like us. Because we want to use masks just in case. Especially now that the government is recommending it,” said Nurahyati when met at UBP Campus.

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