UBP Karawang continues to improve cooperation programs and strategic partnerships with Kibi International University Japan. The cooperation program which was initiated in September 2016 and signed a cooperation agreement (MoU) in December 2017 in Japan is continuously being implemented with improvements in terms of the quality and quantity of cooperation.
On September 20 2018, 8 UBP Karawang students will be dispatched to Kibi International University Japan to take part in the double degree program at Kibi International University Japan.

Previously, these 8 students were quarantined and educated to be able to master the Japanese language and also understand Japanese characters and culture for 2 full months. The Japanese language tutors/instructors are also directly brought in from Kibi International University Japan. After a very strict selection and test was finally carried out, finally these 8 students were declared to have passed and fulfilled the requirements by obtaining a certificate of eligibility from the Ministry of Justice, Japanese Government.

In addition to taking formal education in Japan, these 8 students also have the opportunity to work in the formal sectors in Japan and earn very decent wages/salaries. This program is also fully assisted by Kibi International University Japan to facilitate students to be able to work professionally and independently in Japan. At the time of the release of students on September 19, 2018, the participants of the UBP Karawang Student Exchange program were officially released at the UBP Karawang Campus by the General Chairperson of the Foundation (Ir. H. Iman Sumantri), the General Secretary of the Foundation (H.Dadang Fakhruddin, Drs., MM. ) and the Chancellor of UBP Karawang (Dr. H. Dedi Mulyadi, SE., MM.), The Vice Chancellors and Deans were also attended by all parents of the participating students. The foundation and the rectorate feel proud and appreciate the success of these 8 students who have gone through a very strict selection process from 65 participants to 8 people, so they can meet the criteria as participants in the Student Exchange program and get scholarships from UBP Karawang and Kibi International University of Japan.

At the time of the release, the Decree of the Rector of UBP Karawang was also read about the names of the recipients of the Student Exchange program as well as the signing of the agreement between the students and the Chancellor of UBP Karawang witnessed by the Vice Chancellor I and Vice Chancellor II. During the event, scholarship funds were also handed over directly to 8 UBP Karawang students. The message was conveyed so that all students can maintain health, study diligently to obtain appropriate standards of academic value, have fighting power and still have strong national insight. So the total number of UBP Karawang students studying at Kibi International University Japan is 10 students, after previously there were 2 students who had left in September 2017.

Cooperation and strategic partnership between UBP Karawang and Kibi International University Japan will also be developed, including an internship program for students, especially management and business study programs. This internship program will be socialized to all students at the end of 2018. This internship program is in the form of sending students to do work internships for 1 (one) full year in Japan for internships in companies and manufacturing and trading industries in Japan. Interns will get a decent wage/salary and income from the company where they do the internship and of course get very useful knowledge.

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