(SBIC 2020)


Once again, Pharmacy’s Students of University of Buana Perjuangan Karawang got the achivement, they won the 3rd Place in the Student Business Innovation Competition 2020 (KIBM 2020) in the academic field. The activities conducted online or virtual (Via Zoom), carried out from the beginning of socialization and KIBM’s workshop ( In June 22nd – July 17th 2020), then the registration and submission of proposals (July 20th – August 19th, 2020) and ended with KIBM’s award activities on December 3rd  2020. The participants participated in this activity around 1,141 proposals from three fields (academic, vocational, and disability) from various universities and 272 proposals that passed the selection and received funding assistance.

This activity was organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture through the National Achievement Center that aimed at developing and increasing the number of entrepreneurial students. One of them is organized by Entrepreneurship Program of Merdeka Campus 2020. Entrepreneurship Program of Merdeka Campus is a program that aims at fostering the spirit and entrepreneurial ability of students in Indonesia in order to be able to compete globally by optimizing national potential.

According to Naufal, one of the participants from the Pharmacy study program who participated in the activity “The category we participated was academic field that aimed at improving innovation of student’s business products/services, student business development, increasing income and adding value of student business and the recognition of IPR issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia for those who have potential”.

Then Naufal also added “I am really happy to be able to join this program because of our achievement in this program, our efforts to develop, learn, and get amazing knowledge that we could’t ask for on campus. We (UBePe Kreatif Mandiri) hope that we can be a motivation for friends. Therefore, other friends can continue to work, innovate, and bring positive changes to our campus”.

“I especially say thank to my supervisor, Mr. Apt. Farhamzah S.Si., M.T.I who always give guidance to us. Therefore, we can get this achivement then I say also many thanks to lecturers and friends of students who always provide support and prayers to us”.

Announcement of Winners of the 2020 Student Business Innovation Competition (SBIC 2020) Link :

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