Procedure for PKKMB Online UBP Karawang

Procedure for PKKMB Online UBP Karawang

1. First, please click the link:
2. Then click the Login menu until the display looks like the one below
3. Next Click Login again by means of;

-Login for students-
username: pkkmb-nim
password: nim

Username: pkkmb-17416226201001
Password: 17416226201001

-Login for New Students-
username: pkkmb-registration code
password: registration code

Username: pkkmb-20200051
Password: 202000051

4. Next, click on the PKKMB menu (Introduction to new student campus life)

5. Then please see the video material in full, then do the pre-test questions on the page.
6. Congratulations, you have completed PKKMB Online

For more details, please click the following YouTube link

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