UTM – UBP, The Symbol of Synergy of Education Malaysia and Indonesia

UTM – UBP, The Symbol of Synergy of Education Malaysia and Indonesia


KARAWANG – The University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) reaffirmed its commitment to Buana Perjuangan University by conducting cross-country visits and studies attended by 21 students and 5 lecturers from the neighboring country.

For 3 days, students and lecturers from the University of Technology Malaysia saw how the lecture process in UBP was while comparing with their lecture patterns.

Buana University Chancellor Dr. H. Dedi Mulyadi SE. MM said, UTM’s visit to UBP was a follow-up to the MoU which they had previously agreed to cooperate in the fields of management and education in each campus. “Yes, this is also part of their return visit because previously we were the ones who made the visit,” he said.

The students from the neighboring country will carry out Scouting Collaboration (Scouting) with University  of Buana Perjuangan Karawang. Not only that, 3 lecturers from the campus which has a land area of 1000 hectares in Johor also conducted an international seminar which was held at the UBP Campus which was attended by lecturers from two countries. “Apart from the students, the lecturers are also here to conduct seminars,” said Dedi.

Meanwhile, UTM revealed the reason why they are determined to cooperate with UBP. In their eyes UBP is a magic campus, where the University, which is only 4 years old, has managed to be in the category of very rapid development. “We think that UBP has extraordinary advantages. This campus has just been established, but in terms of quality, systems and achievements, it is very good,” said a lecturer from UTM Malaysia. (West Java Portal).

antap untuk bekerjasama dengan UBP. Dimata mereka UBP merupakan kampus ajaib, dimna Univeraitas yang baru berusia 4 tahun tersebut sudah berhasil berada dalam kategori perkembangan yang sangat pesat. “Menurut kami UBP itu memiliki kelebihan yang sangat luar biasa, kampus ini baru berdiri tapi secara kualitas, sistem dan prestasi sudah sangat baik,” ujar salah seorang Dosen asal UTM Malaysia. (Portal Jabar)

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